SuperPoints Status Week #4

SuperPoints Status Week #4

It’s been 4 weeks now since I’ve joined SuperPoints and I have earned exactly 3,000 points.  I can now redeem my 3,000 points for $30 Cash via Paypal or $30 in Gift Cards at top stores!

I started the week at 2,165 and actually did better last week where I earned over 1,000 points.  This week I wasn’t as lucky with the SuperLucky Button.  Highest spin I got was only 25 points.

Joining SuperPoints is by invitation only, so if you are interested in joining please use one of the Invite Links listed below.  The last 6 digits of the link is the link token.  Each invite link can only be used once, so try the next one if the first has been used.

If all links have been used, contact us to request a new invite link.

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  1. invite code: toddglassmen
    complete your profile to basic, add a photo
    and invite your friends.

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