Why is Temu so Cheap?


Due to its popularity, the app generated over three million downloads in February of this year. We have seen how China has been consolidating itself in the digital scene in recent years. Proof of this is TikTok’s success worldwide, a social network that has undoubtedly marked a before and after. Still, it is not the only one, and TEMU is the clearest example, an e-commerce platform that has generated a lot of controversy due to its meagre prices. And here we will tell you why it is so cheap to buy on the app and other things you should know.

E-commerce has gained followers, especially in the last decade, and one of the platforms that has been the most talked about is TEMU. To mention an example of its reach, in many countries, the Chinese app was placed in the second position of applications with the highest volume of downloads with more than three million, only below TikTok.

Why is it so controversial, and why is it so cheap to buy on Temu?

TEMU ‘s fame has been spreading in various parts of the world, among other things, for its prices, but why is it so cheap to buy on this platform? According to information published in Forbes US, the success of the Chinese app lies in the fact that it sells all kinds of products directly from Chinese sellers at meagre prices; this added to the “flash” offers and sales that the platform provides its users, which have discounts of up to 99 per cent.

Furthermore, TEMU’s model connects the consumer with the supplier, and it only handles the shipment to the customer. On the other hand, the platform takes advantage of the cheap hand in China, which helps maintain the products’ prices.

Why has it caused controversy?

Of course, as with other platforms (such as Amazon, Mercado Libre, etc.), opinions on TEMU ‘s business model are divided, and it generally depends on the customer experience. One of the strongest criticisms that the app has received among users has to do with a possible scam when offering products that, on the screen, appear very large and attractive but that, when customers receive them, are not what they expected.

In addition to why it is so cheap to buy on TEMU, there are a lot of questions regarding this Chinese platform, from who owns it, what is its difference from other eCommerce apps, and many more, so before downloading the application and starting to buy, we recommend that you take a look at the notes that we already have on MVS News so that you are better informed.