Top Amazing Cheap Vacation Spots: Locations, Ideas and Trips for Budget-Friendly Travel this Summer

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Enjoying the best vacation of the year on a low budget while discovering impressive landscapes is possible in these spots, locations and countries. With the arrival of summer and the good weather, thousands of people take to the streets in search of the trip of their dreams. We all have in mind that destination that we would love to travel to, where we would be tremendously happy getting lost in its streets, getting to know its traditions, trying its gastronomy and taking photos of that monument that we will remember for the rest of our lives. More and more lucky people have made their dreams come true, but many others have to settle for imagining what it would be like. Work, responsibilities and an unstable economy mean that many travel lovers have to stay at home, but at CheapJunkie, we wanted to make a selection of the cheapest places to travel to so that everyone can make their dream come true, or at least try.

We all know that there is a place in the world that we must visit at least once in our lives, whether it is a historic city like Jordan, a paradise like the Philippines, a cult and nature destination like Peru or that enigmatic place of the Pyramids of Egypt, now it is easier than ever. Although sometimes the trip to the destination increases the cost, once you get to these places, you can stay and eat all day for very little money. Each person has a different budget, and the investment in flights or other types of transport depends greatly on the city of origin from which you depart, so it is always advisable to compare the best offers to reduce costs. If you want a relaxing holiday in Asia, you cannot miss places like Jordan, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos or Vietnam.

There, you can stay in hotels for prices ranging from $5 to $10 and spend a full day sightseeing and eating complete meals for another $10. Southeast Asia is in fashion among backpackers and lovers of nature and extraordinary paradises. But Asia and Latin America also have impressive places to enjoy an idyllic holiday for a little money. A clear example of this is Argentina or Peru, whose ancient history and landscapes that seem taken from fantasy films attract thousands of people every year. Living the trip of your dreams is possible with hotels where you will only pay between $10 and $30 per night. Africa is booming and can be visited with low accommodation costs.

Places like Ethiopia, Egypt or Morocco have a lot to offer travellers; gigantic deserts, impressive ancient sculptures and red cities where you can lose yourself in the smell of African spices can be visited for $8 a night. If you want to visit your own continent, the ideal places are Poland, Romania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Albania or Zagreb. Travelling there is very cheap; once you get to your destination, you will spend very little money on day-to-day expenses.


Bali is probably one of the most famous destinations worldwide for its paradisiacal surroundings, but Indonesia has a lot to offer the traveller and in recent years, at a very low price. The country has many islands where you can enjoy a sunny day relaxing on the beach, but it is also made up of spectacular green and ancient landscapes. It is an enclave where backpackers make a short trip to enjoy such incredible prices where you can eat a full meal for less than $4.


You don’t have to leave Europe to find some of the most impressive destinations on the planet, whether for their history, landscape or culture. Latvia is a country that surprises many with the incredible medieval architecture that decorates its buildings and the beaches of the Baltic Sea where you can swim and spend a few days relaxing. The perfect holiday in Latvia is more accessible than ever since you won’t need a big budget. You can enjoy a week in this beautiful country in hotels in its capital, Riga, that won’t cost you more than $15 per night.


Croatia’s entry into the Eurozone has helped to equalise the economy and reduce the cost of travel. Its capital, Zagreb, is one of the most visited places in the world, thanks to its medieval centre and impressive Stone Gate. Gastronomy is also a key feature here, where you can enjoy a full meal for less than $10. Travelling around Europe is also very cheap, and there are a large number of trains and buses that travel across the continent.


Paradisiacal landscapes characterize this Asian destination where nature blends with culture, creating one of the favourite places for backpackers worldwide. Its Ha-Long Bay is considered one of the 7 natural wonders of our planet. The price of hotels ranges between $10 and $15, and moving around the place also involves very low costs.


When it comes to spectacular landscapes and magical places, Africa is the perfect place. Our neighbouring country, Morocco, offers a huge number of activities for travellers at a very low price. If you are on a budget but want to appreciate the wonders of the desert, Moroccan cuisine and culture, cities like Marrakech, Tangier or Fez are the place to be. Its proximity to Spain reduces travel costs and once there you can stay in accommodation and eat in very cheap restaurants.


Egypt has an endless number of historical monuments to visit and that thousands of people long to see. The pyramids, the Egyptian temples, Cairo and much more live in this country that everyone wants to travel to. There is a false belief that Egypt is a very expensive country, but in reality, expenses are very low once there. Enjoying its excellent cuisine and visiting the most emblematic places is very affordable for almost any pocket.


The birthplace of Latin American football, which saw the birth of stars such as Messi and Maradona, is the perfect destination for a holiday. It boasts an endless number of beautiful monuments and historical buildings and is also home to natural parks that contain the spectacular Iguazu Falls, which you have to see at least once.Each night in a hotel can cost around $30 and tasting its exquisite cuisine will only cost you $10. The flight there increases the cost a little, but once you land, you can enjoy places like Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Calafate and much more for very little money.


As we have already mentioned, Asia is one of the cheapest continents to travel to along with Europe and in Jordan you can find amazing offers to discover unique places in the world such as Petra . Prices are 20% cheaper than in other places such as Madrid or London and there are spectacular offers where you can spend a week of all-inclusive holidays in Jordan for around $700.


Turkey has gained a lot of fame in recent years for the beauty of its landscapes and its great historical culture. Although Istanbul is full of hotels and restaurants where luxury and high prices abound, it is possible to travel to this country on a low budget if you frequent non-touristy restaurants to try the best typical food and look for street bazaars. In addition, the Grand Bazaar and Hagia Sophia, two of the most famous sites in Turkey, have free entry.


Europe has an endless number of destinations that you can travel to on a low budget without losing the charm of being in one of the most fascinating places in the world. The Balkans are one of the favorite places for adventurers looking for a cheap trip with history, and that is why Bulgaria is the perfect place. The mix of cultures and the large number of historical monuments such as the Sofia Cathedral can be visited on a holiday where low prices will be the protagonists.


Many people dream of traveling to Peru to see the most famous ancient ruins in the world, Machu Picchu . The beauty of the sunset falling behind the walls of the remains of the Inca civilization is a postcard that everyone should see once in their life. Now it is easier than ever since there are hostels for $10 and very cheap food options so you only spend more money on visiting one of the most spectacular places in the world.


Romania is the ideal place for lovers of mystery and terror who travel there to see the birthplace of a historical legend, Dracula. Vlad’s Castle, the Transfagarasan Highway that runs through the mountains of Transylvania and much more can be visited in this country on a low budget since flights are very cheap and car rentals are around $20 per day.


Poland is one of the most visited places in the world because of the history left by the Second World War in its wake. In addition, the spectacular architecture of its religious temples attracts thousands of travelers every year who seek to admire the beauty of historic cities and natural landscapes. Flights from Spain to Poland are very cheap and once there you will find hotel deals for around $9 and food, drink and other daily expenses will not exceed $25.


As expected, this list includes another of the Southeast Asian countries that are very popular for their spectacular landscapes and low prices. In Laos, you will find one of the most impressive sites in the world, the Buddha Park, home to hundreds of statues and monuments in honour of this God and is visited by thousands of people yearly. And the truth is that it is very easy to do so because a hotel room is around $15 per night and transportation and food have the low prices typical of the area.


Albania is living proof that you don’t have to go far to experience a dream holiday in a paradise setting. It is currently gaining popularity, but a few years ago, it was a completely unknown country. Known as the Caribbean of Europe, in Albania, you can enjoy this Balkan area with historic buildings such as castles and fortresses while you bathe in beaches with crystal-clear waters. In addition, it is the ideal destination if you are travelling on a budget, as you can find hotel rooms for $20 a night.


Most people travel to Africa and visit little more than Morocco or Egypt, but this immense continent has countless charming countries you should not miss. This is the case of Ethiopia, a country characterized by its natural landscapes full of impressive fauna and flora, which you can visit for very little money.


Its cities have temples of worship carved into the underground rock, making it a unique place. The flight may not be the cheapest, but once there, you can stay in hotels for about $8 a night and enjoy its spectacular cuisine for very little money.


The beauty of Southeast Asia is indescribable, and one of the best examples of this is Cambodia, a spectacular enclave where nature and history coexist, giving rise to a dreamlike setting. Temples such as Angkor welcome thousands of travellers every year who seek to admire their beauty while walking through idyllic landscapes such as those surrounding the Mekong River. You can spend an incredible week in Cambodia for less than $30 a day, including accommodation and food. This country is one of the favourites for travellers to discover new cultures and places for very little money.


Another of the wonders of Southeast Asia , where crystal-clear beaches are the stars of a paradise-like landscape. The Philippines is the low-cost destination par excellence and more and more adventurers are travelling there to enjoy this paradise where relaxation and tranquillity decorate their holidays. When we talk about how cheap the Philippines are, we’re not lying. There you can eat a full meal in a restaurant for around $3 and stay in a beach hotel for less than $10. Its more than 7,000 islands are a real pleasure for the ideal holiday.

Cartagena de Indias

Synonymous with nature, art and colour, Colombia is one of our favourite destinations and one that we fervently suggest you consider for your next trip. Due to its location, Cartagena is already a city worth visiting. Bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, its tropical climate or the colourful colonial-style buildings that rise in its historic center will remain etched in your retina as soon as you set foot in this Colombian town. The Colombian people’s warmth, affordable prices, and delicious cuisine filled with exotic fruits add up to the points this country needs to make it onto this list.


A land of mountains, wild beaches and one of the richest pre-Columbian cultures in South America, there is no shortage of reasons to fall in love with Peru. Flights to Lima are always at affordable prices, it is a short flight which makes it much easier to find good deals. In recent years, the country’s low cost, coupled with a growing gastronomy and a great revaluation of its main attractions have attracted a huge number of tourists. Traveling through Lima means tasting delicious ceviches on the beach, visiting ancient Incan cities and marveling at the impressive Andean landscapes. A city that you should definitely visit.

Best things to do in Lima

  1. Visit the Magic Water Circuit
  2. Walk through the streets of Miraflores and Barranco
  3. Take a food tour of Lima

Buenos Aires

Argentina is currently one of the most convenient countries to travel to; due to the devaluation of its currency, it is much more accessible for foreigners to visit different cities in the trans-Andean country. Buenos Aires is a city that vibrates 24 hours a day. The essence of Buenos Aires flows through the streets of the centre, always busy and attractive. It is an excellent destination if you are looking for a place full of culture, rich gastronomy and attractive neighbourhoods.

Best things to do in Buenos Aires

  1. Visit Caminito
  2. Take a tour of the Teatro Colón
  3. Try a delicious Argentine barbecue

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is a country full of charms that make it the perfect budget vacation destination if you want something affordable and not too far from the country. Rio de Janeiro is synonymous with joy, music, celebration and carnival, but it is also history, modernity, culture, art, gastronomy, nature and a host of other things. It is a unique, warm and vibrant Brazilian city that enchants everyone who visits it.

Best things to do in Rio de Janeiro

  1. Visit the Sugar Loaf cable car
  2. Know Christ the Redeemer
  3. Enjoy the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana


The United States may not be considered a budget destination, but Miami stands out for always having good prices on its flights and is usually a fairly cheap destination if you like shopping and enjoying the beach. Miami is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Florida and the world. So much so that it has earned the title of “the magic city” and it suits it wonderfully.


Cancun is no longer as expensive a destination as it used to be. Flights are quite cheap, and within Cancun, you can get affordable prices if you know where to stay and eat. This destination is perfect for relaxing on vacation, enjoying exquisite Mexican food and its wonderful beaches with turquoise waters and white sand.

Best things to do in Cancun

  1. Explore the Mayan ruins
  2. Visit the wonderful Tortugas beach
  3. Live adventures in Isla Mujeres